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Fashionable Ways to Rock Your Boot Cut Jeans - A Guide

If you think Boot Cut jeans are passe then think again. Boot Cut jeans are one of the most, if not ‘the’ most, flattering fit for a woman to wear.

The reason being they pop everything into proportion, and with a longer length option they can look like they’ve added inches to your legs! Trust me, I’m a shorty.

Boot Cut jeans are the ultimate cut for when you're in between styles and want an all-around good pair of jeans. With a slightly tapered thigh area, Boot Cut jeans hug the hips and thighs, giving a fitted appearance, but then widen from the knee to the hem, balancing out the shoulders. The darker the wash you wear the more slimming the silhouette will look.

The three fashionable ways to rock your boot cut jeans that we’ll look at in this blog are firstly, where they end above the ankle - the crop boot cut. Secondly is a more casual look worn with trainers – note they need to hit the top of your trainer. And thirdly, lets pair them back to your killer heels - date night vibes.

It's all about styling Boot Cut jeans in a directional way, to look like a trend-setter rather than a fashion-throwback. As I mentioned earlier this fit is tapered in the thigh area and wider from the knee, and more often found with a mid or low rise, especially if you are opting for a pre loved or vintage pair like you can find at Denim Library.

The first styling option when rocking your boot cut jeans is to wear them cropped. My mate Emma does a great job of wearing her Boot Cut’s in this style. She has an awesome pair of washed-out black ones. With this cropped style a flat boot or shoe is the way forward. Anything from a Grenson style boot through to a ballet pump shoe. A blazer is a strong look for the crop Boot Cut - maybe try one that hits your thigh area to help give balance. Too short a jacket, may look too boxy, while too long could swamp petite frames. It's also better to choose a slightly fitted blazer, which will not only help emphasize your waist but also keep everything looking neat.

The second styling option is Boot Cut meets the trainer. When styling your jeans with a trainer first check that the jean edge sits just touching the trainer - too long and it can look a bit messy. This pairing is the most casual of the three ways to wear. Paired back to a simple rock band tee or bomber jacket is a strong look, and any camo print in a jacket or top adds edge to this outfit too.

The third way to rock your Boot Cut jeans is to go long and wear with heels. Go bold with the stiletto colour - you can never fail in choosing neon. I think its super sexy with a stiletto but a great pair of skinny heeled boots can achieve the same look.

I recently wore my 20-year-old Levi’s light blue Boot Cut’s with red suede stilettos and they felt great, popped on with a simple white tee. The extra inches from your shoe or boot (or shoeboot as my friend Jo likes to call them) adds length to your legs, plus with the Boot Cut kick gives you a balanced body proportion.

I’ve seen these jeans look fabulous on any height too, it’s all about getting the right length. They should sit so you only see the toe of the shoe and a a couple of centimetres of the heel. I love it at our pop-up stores when customers give me the challenge of finding a great fit for either their very long or very short legs. Fortunately our unique sizing at Denim Library does give our customers all the options.

Always feel free to email me with any questions or requests about any of my blogs or if I can help you find your perfect pair of jeans.



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