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White Vintage Women's Jeans

Just as versatile and twice as interesting as your black jeans, white denim adds a fresh pop to any outfit. Worn right, it looks interesting, fresh and stylish. Find the right shade, in the right cut for you, and a pair of white jeans is bound to become a wardrobe mainstay.

So how best to wear white denim in a way that feels current and chic? It’s all in the detail of cut, colour and outfit composition.

Rule One: No skinnies. You’re better off wearing an original fit Levi’s 501 than you are a pair of spray-on skinnies. Slim Fit is good.

Rule Two: No stretch. Stick to stiff, 100 per cent cotton varieties for a purposeful, stylish fashion look. 

Rule Three: Chunky black and navy jumpers or puffer jackets are an ideal pairing, as are bold-coloured hoodies. Neutrals also work well, but remember to accessorise with darker colours, for added swag.

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