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How to buy pre-loved jeans online? Is it possible?

Absolutely YES!

Of course I’m biased as I have an online denim store, however read on for all my top tips for successfully buying pre-loved jeans online.

The most important element to be looking out for is a Returns policy. Can you return your jeans if they’re not quite the perfect fit? And are returns free? You should be shopping with confidence that you can try on and return your jeans with no fuss or hassle.

Now let’s look at sizing. Take a look at the size charts, as often with pre loved denim it’s all in inches, so use the conversion chart. If you’re measuring in inches for the first time here’s where to measure….

Find your waist at the very top of your hip bone (between your hip and lowest rib). Then, wrap the tape measure around, doing your best to keep it level with your belly button.

Your in-seam is the distance from your crotch down to the leg’s opening, which may be at your ankle or higher depending on the cut or your preferred length of jean.

Next, have a think about the type of jeans that are ideal for your beautiful body shape.

With so many styles of jeans out there, it can be difficult to navigate. I’ve learnt to understand that just because a style looks fabulous on a friend, it may not work so well for me. I’m a different shape, so the Mom/high waist simply doesn’t suit me (but my goodness it can look incredible on my mate Jo). I’ve set out the most common fits below.

· Straight leg is a particularly fab option for those with strong, athletic thighs and calves because of the extra lower leg space and a more roomy shape.

· Slim fit is best for those looking to go one-up from the skinny jeans with an extra dose of comfort and breathability, especially when moving around a lot.

· Skinny jeans can be rocked by all body shapes, easy to wear with lots of rise options.

· Boyfriend or Loose jeans: if you have strong, broad shoulders and are looking to add balance on your lower half, go for a baggier cut here, they don’t have to be a casual look, easy to dress up too.

· Boot Cut/Flared/Bell Bottoms: if you’re on the petite side and worried about the hefty amount of fabric in a flared cut, just ditch the dramatic flare for a smaller one. The Boot Cut is always a best-selling shape as it’s super flattering. Wide leg fit due to their shape tend to divert attention away from the hips, so if that’s something you’re looking for, this cut may be for you.

· Mom jeans: if you’re looking to create the illusion of curves, mom jeans are for you as long as you’re comfortable with jeans that sit higher up on the waistline rather than the hips.

When shopping pre-loved jeans, do not obsess with the size on the label - it’s all about the fit, especially in our pre-loved world where fit blocks used to be cut differently. Often you have to size up.

Brands sizes will vary too, if you are blah in Levis it could be different in Wrangler or Lee. Jeans which are 100% cotton, so no stretch, will also fit a little more snug as there’s no give, Skinny as a fit will have more elastane in to give the required stretch.

100% cotton jeans are big in the vintage denim world and it’s why they last, always getting better with age.

My final tip is to choose a few pairs, have your own styling and fit session at home, I always find the morning is the best time to do this, everything seems to fit and look better in the mornings! If you’re choosing jeans for a particular occasion it’s great to be able to pop the whole outfit on. If you have a few options, sizes and styles it enables you to make the right choice.

Do message me on info@denimlibrary if you have any jeans questions or styling tips I can help you with.



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