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Black Jeans - A Summer & Winter Styling Guide

Let’s begin our guide with the Summer season. Whilst we have some ‘made up’ guidelines as to when it is suitable to wear white, it's an all-year-rounder when it comes to black jeans.

You may wish to switch up the shades of black depending on the season, and therefore in the spring-summer months, I would always recommend opting for the lighter shades of black through the warmer months. Perhaps more of a grey or washed-out black.

I’ve pulled together some thoughts on what to wear with your black jeans in the summer months. These ideas will lift the black denim, which will always be stylish, effortless and flattering on any body shape.

1. Black Jeans & A Classic White Tee

This is the easiest way to brighten up a pair of black jeans. Wear them with a white T-shirt. You can choose a great sustainable option with our white supima cotton t shirt known as the Unpublished Tee. I love the simple look of black and white, which looks elevated and clean. You can always add a pop of colour with your bag or shoes.

2. Stripes

If you find a plain white T-shirt boring, wear a striped one instead. Stripes are a classic that will never go out of fashion, so even if your striped T-shirt might be old, you can still wear it with black jeans. You can choose a long sleeve, short sleeve or a vest style.

Stripes always make me feel more casual and laid-back, and you can always add a blazer - choose a linen or cotton fabric for the summer months.

Cropped-length black jeans are an excellent choice for the summer. Pair them back with an espadrille or a wedge; the trainer look will give you a more minimal style. The crop will show the ankle and look chic, whatever height you are.

Choose any colour for the stripe. Be brave, ignore the rules, and perhaps choose a sharp white with a navy stripe. Who said black and navy should never be worn? Personally, I love it.

3. Prints

Black is such a great colour to pair with something printed because it lets the print stand out and look even better.

There are so many print options for you; if you stick with smaller prints, they don’t look as busy as larger ones. Think about wearing brighter prints with black. Animal prints with black jeans are enjoyable to put together; the classic leopard suits all. Bring out your inner Bet Lynch (Google her!).

For the Autumn/Winter season, let’s cosy up with your favourites.

Total black looks are perfect; you can never go wrong with them; they are super practical for autumn and winter—different shades of black work together too.

Put on your favourite pair of black denim – ripped or not, and add an oversized sweater or a leather jacket, maybe a scarf and a beanie, then choose flats or heeled boots, and Voila! - your perfect look for any casual situation is ready.

Wear your jeans with a coat that is excellent; it may be short or long, a fuzzy coat, or even a shearling one if it’s cold. Cropped denim jackets also look amazing with black jeans.

Another excellent option is to pop on a blazer; an oversized choice will make you look more laid-back rather than formal, but for the more profound winter months, choose a wool blazer.

Add a fun accessory. Add a great belt; a belt can take you in at the waist. If you wear ripped denim, pop a fishnet on to show through the open space. Add a print or a colour to your sock, and always room for a sparkle here too.

The big shoe question - Don’t overthink it! Choose the shoe or boot depending on whether you want to dress your outfit up or down. High-heeled boots will instantly elevate your look, making it office appropriate or great for a night out, while comfy flat boots are optimal for weekends spent wandering around parks or hanging out on touchlines.

Try new shapes in black denim. Just because you’ve always worn skinny doesn’t mean that’s the only option—shop jeans where they have a great returns policy and try a few sizes and fits. In the vintage or pre-loved denim, you will always find the size small. Ignore the number and go with how they feel.



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