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Dressing Up Your Denim: The Art of Styling White Jeans

Summer is here and that means you need to start organising your summer wardrobe. Infuse your summer wardrobe with elegance and style with vintage white jeans - not only will you be offering these pre-loved white jeans a second life, but you will also be helping to do your bit for the environment!

Disposable fashion has a negative impact on the environment. But with circular clothing, such as Denim Library’s collection of pre-worn jeans, you will be contributing to a sustainable alternative that effectively counters the fad of fast fashion.

However, a question remains: how can you best style white jeans?

In this blog article, we will cover the art of styling white jeans so that your white jeans outfits look stylish and chic.

Finding the Perfect Pair - the Right Fit

Finding the right fit for your white jeans will be dependent on a number of factors, but the most important aspect is your preference. There are different cuts of white jeans to choose from, which include:

Straight Leg Jeans – as the name suggests, these jeans have a straight form from top to bottom

Wide leg – these jeans have a wide leg opening, usually widening out from the mid-thigh area

Skinny Jeans – tight-fitting jeans from waist to ankle

High-rise – also known as high-waisted jeans, this fit sits above the hips, just above the navel

Low-rise – the opposite of the former, these sit low on the hips for a retro look

Bootcut Jeans – these jeans flare out slightly at the ankle, ideal for ankle boots

Bell bottoms – similar to the previous fit, bell bottoms flare out from the knees downward into a bell-like shape.

5 Different Ways to Style White Jeans

So, what to wear with women’s white jeans? Here are five looks that we recommend:

1. Double Denim

Denim paired with denim is a style that was once overlooked, but now it’s the craze. Combining white denim jeans, such as our Top Shop white skinny jeans, with a white denim jacket is a wonderful way to create a monochrome outfit.

2. Black Top

Black and white are colours that complement each other extremely well, which is why you should definitely pair your white jeans with a black top. This can be a black crop top or a black blouse, but either way, a black top is a charming way to style white jeans.

3. Graphic Tee

A graphic T-shirt paired with white jeans is a trendy combo that is perfect as a casual outfit if you are simply grabbing lunch with friends or running an errand. Don’t worry too much about the colours of the T-shirt, as this acts as the statement piece of your look.

4. Contrasting Jacket

Another way to style white jeans is to utilise a bold and different jacket – instead of denim, opt for leather or another material. In turn, this offers a cool contrast from your stark white jeans.

5. Patterns

In the same vein as the graphic tee, a top (or jacket or even footwear) with patterns and prints (snake print, gingham, tie-dye, leopard etc.) offer a fashionable look when worn with vintage white jeans.

Styling White Jeans in Summer

Learning how to style white jeans is an experimental process, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. For wearing white jeans in summer, we suggest:

Pop of colour/s - white jeans, like are a blank canvas, and since it’s summer, why not incorporate pops of colour (or more) here and there within your outfit? For instance, a yellow top and/or cardigan radiates exciting summer vibes

Over swimwear - no matter if you are on holiday or not, white jeans over swimwear (specifically a one-piece) is a snazzy summer look, giving you a colourful and bright outfit, in addition to making easy for you to take a dip in the pool or sea.

Styling White Jeans in Winter

While summer is definitely a good season for your white jeans to emerge from your closet, don’t be fooled into thinking that they’re only suitable for the summer. Here are our top tips on how to style white jeans in winter:

Whites and similar shades - while you can certainly go for a monochrome look, we suggest revamping your winter look by incorporating off-whites, creams, beiges, and other tones and shades similar to white; this palette oozes winter comfort and style.

Black leather - you can’t go wrong with combining white jeans with a black leather jacket and boots in the winter; it’s the perfect combination that offers warmth and a timeless look.



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