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Women's Vintage Bootcut Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler Bootcut jeans feature a mid-rise waist. They are tight across the top block with a slim leg that kicks below the knee for a bootcut finish. It’s a timeless fit that never goes out of style. With the slightly tapered thigh area, Bootcut jeans hug the hips and thighs, giving a fitted and sexy appearance, but then widen from the knee to the hem, balancing out the shoulders. This fit can be worn looser for a more relaxed look, or tighter for a more tailored and polished feel.

The cut is comfortable, offers varied waistlines from mid-rise and low-rise to high-rise jeans, and can suit any body shape. The cut is unpretentious and a classic that has survived the many trends and fashion fads, making it a style of denim that anyone can wear.


The Wrangler Bootcut is a firm favourite and always a best seller. It is the ultimate cut for when you're in between styles and want an all-round good pair of jeans.

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