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Women's Vintage High Waisted Levi Jeans

Levi’s ‘high rise’ or ‘high waisted’ jeans flatter your waist and hold you in. They are slim through the hip and often made with extra stretch.

The ‘rise’ is one of the most important factors people consider before deciding on their perfect pair of jeans. High rise jeans can be both flattering and modern looking and can work with almost any shape or size. 

This style looks great with a vintage blouse for casual chic and a classic leather belt will draw in the waist even more to give you that great silhouette. For a more laid back 80's look a simple vintage t-shirt tucked into your vintage jeans and worn with pumps looks great.

Three reasons to choose Levi’s high waisted jeans:

  1. They don’t cut you off at the hips and sit comfortably at the waist.

  2. No Sucking in your stomach - high rise jeans do the work for you, they keep everything in place.

  3. Legs look longer - his illusion adds several inches to your legs. If you’re short, you will appear taller. A bonus!

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